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If you keep in mind these 3 MISSIONS, it will help you think about everything you put on or do to your hair during these “hair” vulnerable months. They will help to preserve those strands keeping them strong, healthy and continue to thrive. Keep in mind, they all go hand and hand and working on one will inevitably help the others in some way.


Our first mission is to reduce the amount your hair is breaking. One of the main reasons for hair breakage is that the strand is weak and dry.

AVOID FLAT IRONS and direct heat onto the hair as much as possible as it can strip sometimes much needed moisture from your allowing it break much easier. Using a hooded dryer to gently dry hair or air drying whenever possible is ideal

Consider PROTECTIVE STYLES that work great for you. Keep in mind to not leave them in for too long (6-8 weeks depending on the style), care for your scalp and hair while they are in the style as best as possible, and keep it gentle on your edges and sensitive areas of your head.

DEEP CONDITION regularly. Every wash day if you can. Making sure your hair is properly conditioned can help it to withstand the harsh conditions of the weather.


Like mentioned before, these 3 staples go hand and hand so retaining moisture is another key that you want to remember during this time. Retaining moisture is always important for those with curly, coily, kinky hair but in the winter months it tends to be that much more challenging. Try these easy tips to help keep that moisture locked into your cuticle and nourishing your hair.

Use SATIN LINED hats or SCARVES while outside

Use a SATIN BONNET or SILK PILLOWCASE while sleeping or even lounging. Cotton pillowcases, pillowcases, comforters can stick and absorb the moisture in the strand vs. satin allowing your hair to slide with the fabric and retain the moisture.

Find the right method for you to help lock in moisture on wash day and throughout the week when needed. We are fans of the LOC METHOD or the LCO METHOD, a process of layering on product to help absorb and lock in moisture.


Tying it all together, just think about giving your hair more love than ever during the winter months. Here are a few more simple ways to show your hair some love.

STAY NUTRIENT CONSCIENCE Your hair needs protein, nutrients, and vitamins to grow and remain strong and healthy. It’s a good idea to eat healthy foods year-round for the health of your hair (and your body!) but it’s especially important in the winter as a precaution against that dry and cold air.

DRINK YOUR WATER- This helps with everything in life ;)

TRIM your hair when needed

BE GENTLE- When combing your hair, treat it like the royal crown it is and use either wide tooth combs and/or finger detangle whenever possible

Drop below what you have been focusing on this winter during your healthy hair care routine!

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